Citizen Observer and Gaplock Team Up to Provide “Security Tips for Automated Garage Doors”

CitizenObserver, the leader in connecting communities and first responders, teams up with Gaplock, the automated lock for automated garage doors. Gaplock is CitizenObserver’s sponsored product for this year’s “20th annual National Night Out”, a unique crime and drug prevention event scheduled for Tuesday, August 5, 2003. On that evening, citizens, law enforcement agencies, community groups, businesses and local officials from communities in all 50 states, US territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide will join together to heighten their vigilance and participate in teaching people how to protect their homes. “For over 30 million U.S. homes, the access opening most vulnerable to invasion is the automated garage door,” says Al Corbi, a highly regarded security expert and panic room authority. “It’s the weakest link in home security.” Gaplock protects against commonly-practiced automated garage door invasion techniques; such as: Corner-Pulling, Code-Grabbing, Release-Grabbing and Back-Driving. At this year’s National Night Out, CitizenObserver and Gaplock will be providing “Security Tips for Automated Garage Doors,” which include three simple steps you can take to protect against these invasion threats.

Step 1: Use a Sectional Roll-Up Garage Door – If you still have an older style swingout garage door, replace it with a sectional roll-up garage door to protect against the threat of Corner-Pulling.

Step 2: Only Use Rolling Code Remote Controls – If you are using fixed code remote controls, replace them with rolling code remote controls to protect against the risk of Code-Grabbing.

Step 3: Add an Automated Lock/Gaplock – That works with the automated opener to: * Automatically lock your garage door every time it is closed, and unlock it before it is opened * Protect against the threats of Release-Grabbing and Back-Driving * Eliminate the need to use manually operated locks, which severely hamper automated garage door convenience and frequently result in costly damage to the door and/or opener (when the opener is activated while the door is still locked)

“One of CitizenObserver’s most critical roles is to bring first responders and communities together to share critical information including new products that will help fight crime,” says Robert Swedeen, Vice President of Businesses Development for CitizenObserver. “Gaplock provides a unique solution to a common security threat, and National Night Out is the ideal event to share this solution with communities, neighborhood watch groups, law enforcement and crime prevention to help make citizens less vulnerable to home invasions.” “Security Tips for Automated Garage Doors” can be downloaded at, “Security Tips/Checklist.” About Citizen Observer CitizenObserver (, the leader in connecting communities and first responders is an Internet-based business devoted to crime prevention. With over 130 law enforcement-related agencies in ten states as active users, CitizenObserver provides unique communication tools to help combat crime. CitizenObserver’s communication tools are also available to local communities as the result of a public/private partnership between law enforcement agencies and their local businesses. Through CitizenObserver’s Website law enforcement now has the ability to post information and rewards about fugitives, missing persons or unsolved crimes (FMU’s). All interested citizens, community groups, sponsors, and law enforcement can contact CitizenObserver at 1-888-952-2200, or visit About AST/Gaplock Created in 2001, Gaplock is the automated lock that works with the automated opener to automatically lock a home’s garage door every time it is closed, and unlock it before it is opened. Gaplock mounts inside the garage, on the outside of the roll-up door track, on either side of the door.

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