craftsman garage door opener keypad programming

craftsman garage door opener keypad programming

well I thought I would quickly show you how to set or change your code on your craftsman garage door opener keypad programming what I’m fixing to show you all has to be done within 30 seconds.

so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over to the unit.

we’re going to find the learn button which I recommend you find ahead of time which I’ve already have and I’ll show that to you gets a second we’re going to push the learn button we’re going to come back we’re going to pick a four-digit pin then we’re going to hold the inner button in until the light on the garage door opener flashes once it flashes it should be set so let’s get started okay as you can see on my garage door opener my learn button is under this cover so it’s right here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to push it alright the little light comes on I’ve got 30 seconds to get back over and set my pin four digits come on hit the inner button and I’m going to hold it into the light flashes all right wants light flashes I should be able to try and that’s all there is to it also had to do is get the four digits that I programmed in hit the enter button and it worked.

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