craftsman garage door sensor isn’t working? Solitons.

*Sensor problems

one of the first things that I like to check when I’m my garage door won’t openis the sensors here a lot of times as you can see there’s spiders and all

kinds of things sometimes if it’sraining or snowing you’re going to get

snow on that lens I had to use a zip tie to keep this aligned because the

vibrations kept knocking it out of alignment and this wingnut wasn’t doing

the job but an easy way to tell if it’s aligned as if that light is on I’ll put

my hand in front and it breaks contact with the other sensor on the opposite side of the garage door another thing that can happen is sunlight if you have sunlight beaming in just right it will block the light from the sensors going back and forth and then you won’t be able to close it so what I’ve done before I’ll take a little piece of plastic tube and make it that’s almost like a barrel on this it can’t be too tight but if you fix that it just

focuses on the other sensor on the other side of the garage door and the sunlight can’t get on to the lens there I hope that helps thanks for watching

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