Garage Remodeling Ideas

Garage remodeling is the easiest way to add more space to your house. What do you want to add to your home? A family room, game room, office or workshop are the most commonly requested. 

Your garage is a great place for your workshop, studio or home office. You may also find that your garage may be used for a gym or for another living room designed for special activities.

Remodeling your garage does not mean that you have to sacrifice your storage space or your parking area. Garages today have become multifunctional, allowing cars, general storage, a workshop and even a home office all in the same place.

You may want to consider a garage apartment remodel above the garage. Adding a room for work space and even for living, for one of your kids or in-laws above the existing garage can give you additional space and also increase the value of your home without major changes to the floor plan.

Other Ideas

You can transform your garage into a laundry room.

A music studio can be a great choice for your garage remodeling plans if you or your kids have some preferences in this direction.

The garage is the place where many “garage bands” got their start. To avoid your neighbors’ complaints consider soundproofing your garage walls.

Another idea for your garage can be to transform it into a gym. If you have your equipment and you don’t have enough space to use it indoors you can always move it into the garage and have plenty of space for your daily exercises and training. Here you may not be bothered by too many interruptions.

For the cost of remodeling garage to a room you should check with your local home center or contractor.

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