What is the Best Kind of Garage Door Opener?

How do you know what is the best kind of garage door opener for you?

Decide what is important to you.

  • Quietness:
    Noise may be an important factor, especially if you have a bedroom right above the garage.There are two things which produce most of the noise made by garage door openers. Metal to metal contact and vibration.Chain drive units may not make a great deal of noise when new, but once the chain and gears wear in, they usually develop enough slack for the chain to drag across the rail and make a lot of noise. Units with an enclosed chain never develop metal to metal contact unless the enclosure wears through.Screw drive units are quieter than chain drive, and coated screws make even less noise.Belt drive operators are quieter yet, having no metal to metal contact in moving parts.Wall mount openers, such as the Wayne Dalton iDrive claim to be the quietest operators of all.
  • Vibration:
    Power head vibration also creates noise that can be heard throughout the building. Look for units with some type of vibration dampener, sometimes called a vibration isolation system.
  • Price:
    From least expensive to most expensive we have chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, and wall mount.
  • Headroom:
    If maximum headroom is important, such as for a motor home, the wall mount operator is mounted out of the way on the wall rather than on the ceiling.
  • Opening Speed:
    The Genie Excelerator and Overhead Door’s Overdrive open at twice the speed of others. They close at the same speed as others for safety reasons.
  • Security:
    Check specifications to be sure the operator locks the door once it is fully closed. Also, some doors can be pried open at the top enough that someone can snag the handle of the door release with a hook rod. Prevent this possibility by removing the handle from the pull rope.
  • Accessories:
    Do you want a wireless keyless opener, multifunction remotes, mini remotes, parking guide, motion activated lighting, or a door monitor? You will need to check available accessories and decide which, if any, you desire.

Selecting the features most important to you will simplify your choices in deciding what is the best kind of garage door opener for you?

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