craftsman garage door opener sensor replacement

Set an 8-foot ladder under the craftmsn garage door opener. Remove any wires connected to the back of the motor for the wall knob and electric eyes. You will need a screwdriver to unscrew the connectors. Loosen the motor from the support bracket attached to the ceiling with your socket wrench and box key. Do not take it completely yet. With loose bolts, grasp the bottom side of the motor with one hand while holding the bolts completely with the other hand. gently let the opener rest on the garage door. Place the ladder directly under the Craftsman engine head. Do you help gently close the garage door while you hold the top of the motor? Your help will have to remove the vise handles first. When she removes the vise handles, she should hold the door in case there is not enough tension on the springs. This will keep the door from slamming down. When the door is closed, you can adjust the motor head to the scale. Go down the ladder and take the opener while your assistant moves the scale away. Set the engine on the garage floor.

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