Gear and Drive Pully Set 41A4885-2 for craftsman

Sometimes little things can cause big problems.In the garage doors, these little things are gears.Fortunately, the solution is simple and inexpensive. You can even fix it yourself. On Amazon or other sites, you can find this set around $25.Ā With a few hand tools, you can do the replacement yourself. Of course, please read the instruction manual in advance. Because according to models, there may be some variations. Or maybe some little clues.Craftsman is also very easy to do this process. We’ve added a short video to support you. By looking at the videos you can learn the necessary tools and how to do it.

This set is available for the following models, which is a 41a485-2 model.

Works with Sears Craftsman models 139.53964SRT, 139.53914, 139.53984SRT, 139.53664SRT2, 139.53800SRT, 139.53954, 139.53678SRT, 139.53916D, 139.53914D, 139.53914D, 139.53915D

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