The Basics Of Installing A Garage Door Opener

Having a garage door opener makes it easy for those to open the garage door and house their vehicle(s). The installation is a step-by-step process.

Here are some of the basics that go with installing a garage door opener:

Before a garage door opener is installed, the garage door must be operating properly. Make sure that the door is lubricated so that you won’t encounter problems such as not being able to get the door opened or closed when the garage door opener is supposed to operate.

There should be nothing obstructing the area where the installation is to take place. Check the spring tension in the garage door by lifting up the door to a certain point. If it stays there and does not move, the tension is fine.

If it doesn’t then you’ll have to make adjustments or get a professional to look at it. It’s important that the doors have good tension when you are ready to install the garage door opener.

When you are assembling the parts of the garage door opener, the power head should be upside down. Place this part on the floor. There is a rail that will connect with the hold on the power head.

When you place the power head upside down, the hole should be exposed. Make sure that you have your other hardware accessories such as screws and nuts. They should be placed in the order which they will be used or installed. It makes it easier for whoever is doing the installation. It also cuts down time that you might waste by having to find the missing pieces.

Along with the smaller pieces of software is a header mounting bracket. The track of the garage door opener connects to the garage’s front wall by using the bracket. When you are ready to attach the garage opener to the ceiling, you will need to use metal straps.

It is important that the garage door opener is mounted so that a person who has some height will not make contact with it. However, it should be mounted just enough where the emergency cord can be reached, if necessary. Once this is completed, bolt the bracket to the garage door.

After you have finished, test it to make sure that it works. If it doesn’t, then go over the steps again to see if any adjustments need to be made.

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